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Continental Tire Announces Another Price Hike for Truck Tires


Continental Tire the Americas LLC is increasing the prices of Continental, General and AmeriSteel-brand truck tires effective July 1.

In a letter to tire dealers, the company says it will raise prices “by as much as 7%” in the U.S. and Canada.

“The increase is the result of the continued escalation of raw materials, energy and logistics costs affecting the production and distribution of radial truck tires.”

Continental says the increase will vary by marketing line and/or size, and may include a change in the company’s marketing programs.

This is the second price hike for Continental truck tires in 2017. The tire maker increased prices by 8% on March 1.
Source MTD

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The Reason No Tariffs were Assigned: Supply and Demand

China_flag_mapIt all comes down to supply and demand. Well, at least those are a couple factors the International Trade Commission considered when it decided not to impose tariffs on truck and bus tires imported from China.

The following three “conditions of competition” informed the commission’s analysis of whether there’s material injury, or threat of material injury, by the imported products. The quoted material below comes directly from the commission’s final report, and provides a glimipse of how the commission made its decision to keep Chinese truck tires tariff-free.

Demand conditions: Truck and bus tires are sold for two markets — original equipment manufacturers and as replacements in the aftermarket. “Demand for truck and bus tires in the OEM sector is driven by U.S. heavy truck sales, which increased between 2013 and 2015 and then declined in interim 2016. Demand for truck and bus tires in the aftermarket sector is driven by truck tonnage, which increased steadily throughout the period of investigation.” The commission said sales of both domestic-made tires and imports from countries outside of China ”were made predominantly in the aftermarket.”

U.S. producers reported an increase in demand, while importers said it was a mix of either increased or fluctuating demand. “U.S. purchasers were evenly divided between no change and decreased demand, and no purchasers reported either demand increases or fluctuations.”

Using data from questionnaires in the investigation, as well as U.S. import statistics, the commission determined the apparent U.S. consumption of truck and bus tires increased from 21.9 million tires in 2013, to 25.3 million tires in 2014, to 26.5 million tires in 2015.

Supply conditions: The domestic industry had the largest share of the U.S. market during the period of investigation, but its share “steadily declined.” Since 2013 the domestic industry’s share has dropped from 53.3% to 48% in 2014 to 45.6% in 2015. (In 2015 the four largest domestic producers of truck and bus tires were Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental and Michelin.)

Chinese truck and bus tires were the second largest source of supply for the U.S. market during the period of investigation. Market share for Chinese tires grew from 28.7% in 2013 to 33.2% and 33.6% in the next two years.

Imports from countries other than China grew from 18% market share in 2013 to 18.7% in 2014 and 20.8% in 2015. Canada, Japan and Thailand were the largest sources of imported tires from this group.

Substitutability and other conditions: The commission found a moderate to high degree of substitutability between the domestic and imported products. Most producers, importers and purchasers agreed on that point.

Purchasers cited quality, price and availability as their key factors before buying truck and bus tires. A majority of purchasers (11 out of 20 surveyed) indicated they only sometimes purchase the lowest priced product.

Here’s one disconnect: 34 of 39 importers, and 13 of 20 purchasers said branding influences the price that customers are willing to pay for truck and bus tires. Only two of six producers indicated the same thing.

The vast majority of importers and purchasers agreed that the U.S. truck and bus tire market is divided into tiers, and most agreed there were three major tiers representing varying levels of quality, service and price.

Domestic producers said the largest share of their 2015 sales were concentrated in the top tier, while importers said the majority of imported tires from China were in the third tier, with a much smaller amount falling in Tier 2, and “very few” in the top tier.

Importers agreed that tires imported into the U.S. from countries other than China were present in roughly comparable levels in all three tiers.

“While there is some competition across tiers, purchasers seeking superior product features are generally willing to pay higher prices in order to obtain tires in higher tiers because they identify superior product features in the higher tier tires.

“In addition, certain purchasers focus in their purchase decision on certain product feature requirements such as retreadability, warranties and service time. As a result, these purchasers sometimes will only consider purchasing tires that can satisfy their particular requirements from within the top tier, in which there was substantial domestic production and very few subject imports, and do not consider purchasing tires from lower tiers, where subject imports are concentrated.”

Source MTD
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Chinese Truck Tire Tariffs Even Higher Than Before

China_flag_mapThe U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has more than doubled some of the tariff rates it says are necessary to offset the subsidies and dumping of Chinese-made truck and bus tires imported into the U.S.
The DOC conducts its tariff investigations in two stages. Evidence during the preliminary stage resulted in preliminary subsidy rates ranging from 17.06% to 23.38%; but in the final investigation those rates jumped to 38.61% to 65.46%.

And that’s just half of the equation.

The preliminary anti-dumping tariff, after a re-calculation, was set at 30.36% for all tire manufacturers. In the final stage that rate has actually decreased, and is either 9% or 22.57%, depending on the manufacturer.

The details

Here’s how it breaks down:

The final subsidy rates:

Tire company Countervailing tariff
Double Coin Holdings Ltd. 38.61%
Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd. 65.46%
All Others 52.04%
The final dumping margins:

Tire company Anti-dumping tariff
Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co. Ltd. 9%
Non-selected separate rate respondents* 9%
China-wide rate 22.57%
*Non-selected separate rate respondents — Following the preliminary decision, we listed the companies the DOC lumped in this category here.

What happens next

The DOC is one half of the tariff-decision making team. The International Trade Commission (ITC) conducts its own investigation of every tariff petition — this one was filed by the United Steelworkers — and the ITC is scheduled to make its final determinations March 6, 2017.

If the ITC agrees with the DOC that the domestic truck and bus tire market is being injured by like products made in China, the DOC will formally instruct the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect tariffs on the imported products. If the ITC doesn’t see it the same way and says the U.S. production market isn’t being harmed by those imports, the investigations are terminated and no tariffs are collected.

Another wrinkle

Typically, the DOC sets these tariff rates, publishes the rates in the Federal Register, and once published, the customs office begins collecting the tariffs. But as sometimes happens when these cases, by the time the final rates are set, the clock has expired on the provisional preliminary decision. That’s what happened with the anti-dumping rates in this case. As a result, for the time being, no dumping tariff will be collected until the ITC makes its final determination in March, and that determination says truck and bus tires from China are being dumped in the U.S.

The higher subsidy rates will be collected like usual, however — as soon as they’re published in the Federal Register.

Source MTD
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Cooper Recalling Some RM234 Truck Tires


Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is recalling one size of Roadmaster RM234 tires manufactured from Aug. 6, 2015, to Sept. 5, 2015, because the tires may have a pin-sized hole in the sidewall.

The affected tire size is 295/75R22.5. Cooper says the recall potentially includes 577 tires. The tire identification number is 4Y 37 LWA 3115 through 3515.

Cooper says it determined that a mechanical problem on the tire removal unit at curing press 055L caused a pinhole in the sidewall of the affected tires. A loss of tire air pressure can cause sudden tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash.

The tire maker will notify owners, and dealers will replace the tires including the mounting and balancing, free of charge. Cooper has not yet provided a notification schedule to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.)

Owners may contact Cooper customer service at 1-800-854-6288. Cooper’s number for this recall is 4Y.

Source Modern Tire Dealer

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We have several warehouses full of tires and ship all over the USA daily. Give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 and check out our website http://www.yournexttire.com

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Your Next Tire has sale on Blem Grizzly Grip Snow Tires

YOUR NEXT TIRE has a smoking deal on Pinnacle Grizzly Grip Blem 10 ply truck tires starting at $115 with Free Shipping in the continental United States:
31×10.50-15 only $125 per tire
225/75R16 only $115 per tire
245/75R16 only $125 per tire
265/75R16 only $130 per tire
285/75R16 only $149 per tire
265/70R16 only 130 per tire
285/70R17 only $175 per tire

All tires are available in sets of 4 and are 10 ply tires except the 31×10.50-15 which are 6 ply. These tires are classified as a blem because of a manufacturer overstock from a warehouse that got flooded by water. Tires are not showroom clean so we have discounted the tires and our loss is your gain. Blem tires are sold as is with No warranty. Please call us at 1-888-513-8473 with questions or to place an order!

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Deer Hunters Need Grizzly Grip Tires

With Deer season in full swing, when hunters need the best traction in fields and snow we’ve got you covered with Pinnacle Grizzly Grip tires. With a tread design that will give you plenty of traction in mud or snow and a 10 ply tire that will take the abuse of back roads or gravel. Grizzly Grip tires are the chosen tire by many sport hunters.
Check out our Pinnacle Truck Tire sale which now features a highway tread and an aggressive mud tread. We have both styles in many sizes, call us at 1-888-513-8473 to place an order

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Goodyear Tire has New All Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. has added a premium on/off road light truck tire to the Wrangler family. The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar is aimed at consumers who drive mostly on the highway but want an off-road capable tire.
Goodyear Kevlar
The All-Terrain Adventure is the perfect fit for consumers who spend 80% of their driving time on the highway but want to get off road for hiking, fishing and other activities on the weekend.

The company says exclusive Kevlar construction, proprietary Durawall sidewall technology, a 60,000-mile tread life limited warranty, a new tread design, and a special package that includes severe snow certification for LT sizes add value consumers are looking for in all-terrain tires.

The LT-metric sizes have a different tread compound to provide greater chip and chunk resistance compared to the standard tire. The LT size has a deeper tread and is certified for use in severe snow conditions. All LT sizes are marketed in a pro-grade package that features two rows of Kevlar versus the single layer in standard load sizes. In addition, the belts of the LT tires in the pro-grade package have 30% more steel than standard load sizes.
The All-Terrain Adventure is available in 44 sizes: 24 metric and 20 LT-metric sizes.

Your Next Tire stocks most Goodyear Tires give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 to place an order. We ship tires all over the United States daily.

Source MTD

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Pre-Order Discount on 245/75R16 Grizzly Grip Tires only $140

We are getting in a semi load of 245/75R16 Pinnacle Grizzly Grip 10 Ply Load Range E Truck Tires in October and have started a Pre-Order Discount for only $140 each or $560 for a set of 4 and that includes Free Shipping to the 48 United States. The Pinnacle Grizzly Grip Tires are a heavy duty 10 ply mud and snow tire that would be excellent for the hunting season.

We have all of our Grizzly Grip Tires on sale so give us a call today to place an order 1-888-513-8473. We have thousands of tires in our warehouses and ship tires all over the USA daily.

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