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Bridgestone Tire Contributes $1 million To Help Fight Ebola

The Bridgestone Group has announced two grants worth a total of $1 million to support efforts to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa.
Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corp. will contribute $500,000 to help UNICEF fight the spread of Ebola in Liberia and Nigeria, Bridgestone said. Nashville-based Bridgestone Americas will give $500,000 to the Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse to fund its work fighting Ebola in Liberia.
With its 118,000-acre natural rubber plantation near Harbel, Liberia, Bridgestone and its employees have been affected directly by the spread of the deadly virus, the company said.
Since the current outbreak of Ebola began, 71 persons with connections to the plantation—including employees, family members, retirees and people from surrounding communities—have contracted the virus, according to Bridgestone.

The Firestone Medical Center on the plantation has so far helped 17 infected persons survive the virus, the company said. Also, Bridgestone is conducting active case management, investigations, contact tracing and intervention measures including public education to help the company’s 8,000 employees in the region and another 72,000 living nearby, it said.

“We know that it will take everyone—every citizen, government official, health worker and company in the region—to provide the education, resources and supplies needed to stop the spread of this disease,” said Yutaka Yamaguchi, Bridgestone Group vice president and senior officer.

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Goodyear Gives L.A. Kids a ‘Good Day’ with Blimp Rides

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. teamed with hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube in his “Good Day” campaign to raise money for a Los Angeles-based children’s charity.
Ice Cube released a song a few years ago titled, “It Was a Good Day,” referencing Jan. 20, 1992, as his “best day ever” because he “even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp.” The hip-hop artist launched his charity this year to raise $25,000 for Los Angeles kids and teens at A Place Called Home to give them the best day ever, too. To make the charity more successful, O’Shea Jackson reached out to Goodyear to fly the company’s blimp over the city.
Goodyear said while it is hard to pick and choose charities to partner with, the company agreed to help Ice Cube with his charity last week. The iconic blimp flew over Los Angeles on Jan. 20, recognizing Jackson’s “good day” in 1992, and gave blimp rides to kids and teens from A Place Called Home to make it a great day for them, as well.

Paul Fitzhenry, senior vice president of global communications with Goodyear, said Jackson was to ride in the blimp with the kids and teens; the message “It’s a Good Day” was displayed on the airship’s side. So far, the charity has raised a little over $19,000, according to this website.

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Tire Choice Sells Tires to Help Beat Breast Cancer

The Tire Choice & Total Car Care has once again partnered with tire manufacturer Omni United Pte. Ltd. to support breast cancer research. During the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Tire Choice will hold exclusive sales and specials to raise money for Mobilizing Hope and breast cancer research.

For every Radar-brand tire they sell, Omni United will donate $5 directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Omni is committed to a minimum donation of $250,000.

breast cancer
Here at Your Next Tire this cause hits home as everyone knows someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer. Our salesman Pat will personally donate $5 for every set of ETS tires we sell in the month of October. Make sure you call and ask for Pat when placing your order 1-888-513-8473.

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