Pirelli’s New Truck Tire Designed for North American Market


Pirelli’s TP Commercial Solutions LLC division has launched the first tire in the Pentathlon product family. The new Pentathlon D is a premium drive tire for the long haul market in North America.

The company says the new tire features the most advanced Pirelli technology and is tailored to the North American market. The Pentathlon D is a premium offering that gives fleets extremely high mileage, fuel savings, and low emission benefits as a SmartWay-verified tire.

The company says that as the Pentathlon name indicates, the new tire is distinguished by five distinct areas.

1. High mileage: A dual layer tread compound is incorporated into the design for long lasting performance.
2. Energy efficiency: A specialized undertread compound to provide lower rolling resistance, and therefore lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
3. Even wear: The tire’s optimized pattern geometry and 3SB belt evolution ensure durable, even wear.
4. High traction: A directional tread pattern provides excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.
5. High retreadability: Pirelli’s patented Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATT) technology improves retreadability.

“Pentathlon D provided excellent results in testing against the industry’s most important performance benchmarks of mileage and traction in all conditions. This is a true embodiment of everything the Pirelli brand stands for – high performance, premium quality, innovative technology and industry leadership,” says Clif Armstrong, president of TP Commercial Solutions LLC.

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