Continental Adds Tire To Its Commercial Fleet Line

M-GrabberHD-LR-P3300099-1For the first time, a General tire for commercial light trucks and vans is a part of the product demonstrations at Continental Tire the Americas LLC’s Uvalde Proving Grounds in Texas. The new Grabber HD marks the brand’s entry into the commercial fleet segment.

Over the next six weeks, Continental will host about 1,100 customers, many of whom operate and manage commercial fleets, at its tire testing facility for a first-hand look at the new Grabber HD as well as the new G-Max AS-05 ultra-high performance all-season tire and other recent additions to the General and Continental brands.

Continental says the Grabber HD will fill a void in its lineup for light trucks and vans used by small businesses and fleets. The G-Max AS-05 is replacing the G-Max AS-03.

The Grabber HD is a heavy-duty all-season tire for commercial light trucks and vans designed to deliver long even tread life, durability, confident traction and handling. Continental says its Duragen Technology provides impressive durability and a flatter footprint for longer wear.

The Grabber HD also features proprietary Sidewall Curb Guards that help to protect the tire from curbs and other potential sidewall abrasions.

A total of 11 sizes will be offered. Eight of those are 16-inch and 17-inch LT-metric sizes while the other three sizes are 15-inch and 16-inch euro van metric sizes.

Dealers can order the Grabber HD now. It will be available in stores April 3.

The G-Max AS-05 is an ultra-high performance tire offering all-season traction. It features an asymmetric tread pattern with a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. The company says its Smart Grip Technology offers sporty performance on dry roads and sure-footed grip in wet and snow conditions.

The new G-Max AS-05 all-season UHP tire will be available in 54 sizes.
The new G-Max AS-05 all-season UHP tire will be available in 54 sizes.
Other features include StabiliTread Technology, which creates a flatter and larger contact patch to promote more even wear and longer tread life. Smart Monitor indicators alert the driver when the vehicle is misaligned and when the tire needs to be replaced.

A total of 54 sizes will be included in diameters ranging from 16 inches up to 22 inches with a range of 35 to 55 series covering 90% of the market.

Dealers can order the G-Max AS-05 in mid-April for delivery in stores on May 15.

Continental is also treating the guests at its 5,000-acre proving grounds 80 miles south of San Antonio to on-track demonstrations of other products. These products are the Continental brand’s ExtremeContact Sport, TerrainContact A/T, and the General Grabber X3.

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