Alliance Flotation Tire are Fitted to the Latest Model Manure Tanks


Alliance Tire Group’s new 393 Agri-Transport flotation radial 35.5R32 is the original equipment fitment for Nuhn Industries Ltd.’s latest model manure spreaders.

Alliance says that when Nuhn Industries set out to build its most advanced manure spreaders—which carry 71,000 to 80,000 pounds of manure at a time—the company’s engineers knew how much of the new models’ success would come down to the tires. The company’s owners found their solution in the new 393 Agri-Transport flotation radial from Alliance Tire. Alliance says the new flotation tire is engineered and built to meet the growing need for huge-capacity tires.

The Nuhn Electra-Steer 8500 and 9500 are designed to meet the high demands of professional manure haulers and leading livestock operations, according to Alliance. They are crossover systems, each unit equipped to load itself with an onboard vacuum pump and to discharge manure efficiently with a high-volume pump.

Ian Nuhn, vice president of Nuhn Industries in Sebringville, Ontario, and designer of the new spreaders, says tires were the vital, missing link. Heavy loads, road speeds up to 40 mph, and the need to operate in muddy fields, stubble, pasture, gravel and pavement all demand a tough, versatile tire.

Nuhn and his father, Dennis, zeroed in on the Alliance 393 Agri-Transport flotation radial 35.5R32. The Alliance 393 tread has a very high rubber-to-void ratio for smooth travel over the road and long wear. Alliance Tire says the 393 Agri-Transport flotation tire has sturdy, heat-minimizing sidewalls and steel radial belts that minimize road squirm, which improves tread life and road performance, and reduce rolling resistance, which boosts fuel economy.

In addition, the Agri-Transport 393’s aggressive, directional block tread design provides traction in the field and excellent self-cleaning, according to Alliance Tire.

Teamwork is at the heart of the relationship between Alliance and Nuhn, says Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing at Alliance Tire Americas Inc.

“Dennis and Ian are more than just customers; they are collaborators, working closely with us to develop better manure handling solutions for their customers,” Besancon says. “At ATG we work every day with innovators like the Nuhns to bring great new agricultural technology to the market.”

For information on the new Nuhn Electra-Steer 8500 and 9500 manure spreaders, visit

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