BKT Offers a Range of Tires for Harvest Applications



Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT)’s latest tires for operations from hay harvesting to crop transportation are designed for equipment such as harvesters, balers, and telehandlers.

The company says its extensive tire lineup takes into account the complex necessities of modern agriculture and is a concrete response to the most diverse application needs. BKT’s main goal is to make modern farmers’ work comfortable and to constantly improve productivity.

Here are the details on BKT’s tire lineup for harvesters, balers, and telehandlers.

BKT says the Agrimax Teris is extraordinarily resistant to cuts and impacts due to stubble.
Conceived for high-power harvesters and spreaders, Agrimax Teris has excellent flotation properties that ensure optimal soil protection and top harvesting performance, since it is able to withstand even heavy loads. The company says the radial tire stands out for extraordinary traction and stability ensured by the optimized lug design, as well as by the reinforced shoulder. It is available in the following sizes: 620/75 R 26, 750/65 R 26, 620/75 R 30, 650/75 R 32, 800/65 R 32, 900/60 R 32, 1050/50 R 32 and 520/85 R 42.

Agrimax Teris also includes a version designed with IF technology – in the IF 580/80 R 34 size – conceived for transporting heavy loads at low pressure ensuring best traction in the fields.
The radial tire Agrimax RT 600 also is ideal for harvesters and spreaders, according to BKT. The tire offers a mix of excellent load capacity, optimal stability and excellent traction. The sizes currently available on the market are three: 620/75 R 26 (latest novelty presented at the recent Reifen fair in Essen), 800/65 R 32 and 1050/50 R 32.

Harvesters and bailers require tires that are delicate on the soil in order to reduce its compaction, but at the same time they need to be resistant to cuts and impacts with stubble, for instance. BKT says these are the distinctive traits of FL 635, a tire out of the BKT flotation range.
The block pattern of the FL 635 has been specifically developed for baler applications.
The company says its extraordinary flotation capacity results in lower impacts on the soil, preserving the land for later crops. It is perfect for both field and road use, and hence ideal for harvesters and balers used for frequent transfers. FL 635 is available in the sizes 620/40 R 22.5, 650/55 R 22.5 and 750/45 R 22.5.

The AW 711 for hay harvesters and balers has a unique tread and made of a special compound. BKT says the tire is extremely durable, both on soft and hard surfaces. During road transfers, the low rolling resistance turns into considerable fuel savings along with a significant increase in productivity. BKT offers AW 711 in five different versions: 340/60 R 16.5, 380/55 R 16.5, 400/60 R 18, 440/55 R 18 and 15 R 19.5.

For hay and crops handling and transporting, BKT has tires for telehandlers that are able to satisfy various needs, such as a high loading capacity, but also great stability and high resistance.
BKT says Multimax MP 522 is a multi-purpose radial tire for telehandlers that is ideal for both farming and industrial applications.
The company says such requirements are met by Multimax MP 522, a multi-purpose radial tire that is ideal for both farming and industrial applications ensuring best performance in any use and loading conditions. This tire stands out for its superior traction, thanks to the particularly aggressive tread design. The available sizes are 280/80 R 18, 340/80 R 18, 380/75 R 20, 400/70 R 20, 400/70 R 24, 400/80 R 24, 460/70 R 24 and 500/70 R 24.

BKT says extraordinary versatility is the distinctive feature of RT 747 Agro Industrial. This radial agro-industrial tire offers outstanding stability as well as excellent grip, according to BKT. Such qualities make it perfect for backhoe loaders, compact loaders and telehandlers. Provided with extra-large lugs optimizing stability and available in the sizes 460/70 R 24 and 500/70 R 24, RT 747 Agro Industrial is a multi-purpose tire and a valid support in many different applications.

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