Benefits of Bias Trailer Tires

Have you ever wondered ‘What’s the difference between radial and bias ply trailer tires? and Which should I put on my trailer?’  If you find yourself wondering these things, let us help inform you of the differences and the which build would be optimal for your specific application.
We often get customers who come in that have tires that are designed for cars, light trucks and trucks and are not meant for use on trailers. The construction of the tires is not designed for applications. A radial tire meant for a car or truck is not the same tire in functional design as the tire used on a trailer. Therefore, we recommend to switch customers into a tire that say ST on the sidewall.
What Is The Difference Between A Radial And Bias Ply Trailer Tire?

The main feature that separates the radial trailer tire from the bias ply trailer tire is the tire’s belt construction. The cord material (often nylon and steel) also often differs between the two. The differences here affect many functional aspects of the tire.
A radial trailer tire is constructed with steel belts of the tire running at a 90 degree angle of the tread center line.


A bias ply trailer tire is constructed with nylon belts of the tire running at a 30-45 degree angle of the tread center line.


What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The RADIAL Trailer Tire Construction?

Runs Cooler
Steel Belted – Results in tougher overall construction
Longer Tread Life
Wider Footprint

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The BIAS PLY Trailer Tire Construction?

Crosshatch construction provides stronger/tougher sidewalls
Due to the design of the tire’s construction, bias ply want to roll straight as the trailer itself often does
Generally Less Expensive

What Is The Best Choice For My Application?

Long Trips, Regular Trailer Use = RADIAL TIRE
Short Trips, Tandem axle trailers, Infrequent Use = BIAS PLY TIRE

Typically a trailer tire needs replacing due to ‘dry rot’ before the tire’s tread is exhausted. The Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends replacing tires (ALL Tires) at least every six (6) years. The key piece of information here is that the recommendation is based on ‘Years’ rather than ‘Mileage’. The general rule of thumb for mileage you can get out of your trailer tire is about 25,000 miles.

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