Coker Names Recommended Tire for Vintage Race Car

161633_Front_3-4_WebWhen it comes to vintage race cars, no expense is spared, as the importance of authenticity and of course, safety is always a priority.

The folks who wrench on these cars and the folks who pilot them are interested in going fast with vintage equipment, but they are also interested in upholding the heritage of vintage race cars. Companies like Pur Sang recreate these priceless treasures, and while Pur Sang builds many types of vintage cars, it focuses primarily on ‘20s and ‘30s open wheel racecars.

Recently, Pur Sang selected Excelsior Comp H tires as the recommended tire choice for all Pur Sang T-Series builds (including T13, T35B, T35T, T37A, T43, T51 and T55), owned by the likes of Jay Leno and many other collectors. This exclusive agreement is based on the quality, authenticity and service associated with the Excelsior brand and its parent company, Coker Group. While Pur Sang has a United States presence, many of its customers and clients are based in other parts of the world, and the same can be said for Coker Group, as it’s enormous network of distributors offers high quality tires to car enthusiasts around the world.

Excelsior Comp H tires feature a European style “triple stud” tread pattern, and they are available in a wide range of sizes to fit rim diameters from 18 to 21 inches. Excelsior is the only full line of vintage-style racing tires to feature DOT and ECE approval. The tires feature an H-speed rating (130 mph) and eligibility in both FIA and VSCC racing organizations. Original fitments, such as 4.50-19, are included in the Excelsior tire product line but many racing enthusiasts increase sizing to enhance performance. Excelsior tires are available in many sizes to provide options for all types of street and race applications.

As Pur Sang named Excelsior the recommended tire for all of its builds, further solidifying its claim of being the “world’s leading source of bespoke automotive legends” by outfitting all of its cars with authentic, high-quality racing tires. The company specializes in authentic details to offer beautiful, modern day recreations of timeless classics that command attention anywhere they go. Each vehicle is truly a custom-built creation.

“Combining our very specialized T-Series recreations with the best tires on the market made a lot of sense for our business, and offers even more authenticity for our brand”, said John Bothwell, Commercial Director of Pur Sang. He continued, “We want all of our builds to be safe, fast and era correct, and the use of Excelsior Comp H tires allows us to uphold those very specific needs”.

Coker Group President Wade Kawasaki had this to say regarding the relationship between Pur Sang and Coker Group: “We’re proud to be working closely with such an esteemed group of folks at Pur Sang.” Kawasaki continues, “The workmanship that goes into these cars is outstanding, and we’re thrilled to be the exclusive tire supplier for a company that takes pride in every nut and bolt that goes into a build. We take that same type of pride with our Excelsior tires, in addition to all of the tires and wheels within the Coker Group.”

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