Check your Car Before Holiday Travel

AAAWith the Holiday season quickly approaching many Americans will be loading up their vehicle and traveling. Many people choose to drive instead of fly to save on cost of travel, however running into troubles along the way may end up costing the traveler both time and money. Therefore before going on the big holiday trip, be sure to preform a simple car check prior to the journey.

1. Headlights can become cloudy over time, reducing the strength of the light for night travel. If your Headlights are cloudy, go to an auto parts store and replace the plastic covering.

2. Engine Temperature may cause overheating of the vehicle if the coolant level is not checked regularly. Be sure to check the coolant level before traveling, if it is low replenish the coolant. This could help the engine from overheating, causing downtime for the family.

3. Tire Pressure and Tread Depth of Tires is often overlooked. Be sure to check the pressure in the tires and wear of the tires. Don’t forget the spare! If you need to replace the tires Your Next Tire has a whole warehouse of tires at a great price, stop on in and see us, or give us a call, we will get them shipped out before your big road trip! 888-513-8473.

4. Oil Level and Quality are key to keeping the vehicle on the road. Check the last time you have had an oil change, if you are going to be traveling far, change it out before the trip.

Your Next Tire has everything you need to get you on the road safely!

Source Bankrate

Your Next Tire has all your tire needs whether you need tires for your minivan, backhoe, dump truck, lawn mower, atv, semi truck or Ford F150.

We have several warehouses full of tires and ship all over the USA daily. Give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 and check out our website

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