10 Tips for Vehicle Lift Safety Tips


Rotary Lift has released a list of top 10 essential safety tips for lift buyers and operators. The company is drawing on its 90-year history to offer best practices for truck lifts, car lifts and bus lifts.

“Rotary Lift was established in 1925 after our founder, Peter Lunati, invented the modern hydraulic vehicle lift,” says David Fischmer, marketing director for Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG).

“With 90 years of experience under our collective belt, we know a lot about lift safety. So to help our customers maximize their lift performance while staying safe, we’ve put together these top 10 lift safety tips.”

1. Take ALI’s online Lifting It Right course. Once purchased at http://www.autolift.org/ali-store/, technicians can complete this valuable lift safety training class online at any time within 90 days.
2. Train every technician on the proper operation of all the lifts in your facility.
3. Perform daily safety inspections before using any lift.
4. Have your lifts inspected annually by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector. Find a local inspector: http://www.autolift.org/find-a-certified-auto-lift-inspector.
5. When buying a new lift, always look for the gold ALI lift certification label. It’s proof that the lift has been independently tested and ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.
6. Make sure the lift’s locks are engaged before starting vehicle service.
7. Always match the vehicle and job to be performed with the appropriate lift.
8. Use jack stands when removing heavy components. Removing heavy parts can cause the vehicle’s center of gravity to shift and may make it unstable.
9. Use a wheel lift to prevent back strain when removing and installing heavy wheels.
10. Insist on OEM replacement parts when maintaining your lift.

To learn more about Rotary Lift heavy-duty lifts, visit http://www.rotarylift.com/original. To explore the full line of Rotary Lift parts and accessories for any vehicle service need, visit http://www.rotarylift.com or contact your local Rotary Lift distributor.

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