Hankook’s New Concept Tire Wins Top Design Awards


Hankook Tire Co. Ltd.’s Boostrac concept tire received the prestigious Red Dot: Luminary honor at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2015 competition.

The company says it emerged as an award winner receiving the ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ followed by the Red Dot: Luminary – the highest single accolade to the best design concept of the year – among the finalists of 4,680 entries from 61 different countries.

The Boostrac concept tire was highly evaluated for illustrating Hankook’s leading design capabilities and innovative technology.

Collaborating with students from Pforzheim University in Germany, Hankook developed three concept tires (Boostrac, Alpike, and hyBlade) as part of its Design Innovation 2014 project. The theme of last year’s Design Innovation program was “A Great Challenge for a Great Change.” Participants sought to develop future-oriented concept tires which would be able to perform in the extreme environments that climate change may bring about.

The award-winning Boostrac has a variable tread block structure that can expand when necessary, leading to improved traction that becomes especially useful on steep inclines and in rough, desert-like conditions.

“We are honored to be recognized in this manner by one of the world’s top design awards,” said Seung Hwa Suh, vice chairman & CEO of Hankook.

“Receiving this year’s Red Dot: Luminary solidifies Hankook Tire’s commitment and determination to leading the future driving through progressive innovation and creative thinking.”

The competition presents three classes of awards, the “Red Dot,” “Red Dot: Best of the Best,” and the highest single accolade, the “Red Dot: Luminary.”

Hankook’s innovations include introducing The Next Driving Lab campaign from 2013 and recently showcased its advanced 360-degree rotating Ball Pin Tire. In addition, the company also collaborated with the premium sole company Vibram to develop futuristic concept tires and shoes by combining the two companies’ advanced technologies and designs.

Source Tire Review

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