Falken Tire is Pro Baseball’s Official Tire


Falken Tires has inked its first deal with a professional sports league outside of motorsports. The Falken brand will be the official tire of Major League Baseball (MLB) when the spring 2016 season begins.

Falken and MLB reached a multi-year integrated marketing agreement. Falken says the new partnership represents a strategic expansion of its sports sponsorship program. It is Falken’s first first deal with a professional sports league after enjoying significant success in motorsports marketing for 30 years.

Beginning in the 2016 MLB season, Falken and MLB will join forces for multiple promotional opportunities including virtual signage behind home plate and branded in-game enhancements for nationally broadcasted games, including the All-Star Game, postseason, and the World Series.

Falken Tires will also participate in fan giveaways, in-game promotions and have access to MLB marks and logos for broadcast, print and digital use during these events. In addition, Falken Tires will have global marketing rights for the 2015 MLB postseason.

“We look forward to collaborating with Major League Baseball as we expand our brand awareness and sports marketing portfolio,” says Richard Smallwood, president and CEO of Falken Tires. “Pairing with one of the most popular sports in the world is a great opportunity for Falken Tires to grow and expand into new markets.”

Smallwood says that Falken Tires has long enjoyed a devoted international fan base in motorsports. “This brand alliance with Major League Baseball will help introduce Falken Tires to millions of new customers. We’re excited about our new partnership and look forward to aligning our fan bases as we introduce innovative products and our brand to additional audiences.”

Founded in 1983, Falken Tires is a subsidiary of the 105-year old Sumitomo Rubber Industries in Japan. Falken Tires Corp., the company’s North American arm, is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and serves as the West Coast distribution center. Additional distribution locations are in Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Florida.

The company currently manufactures and markets 14 car and light-truck tire models under seven lines in nine categories and 300 sizes. The company also makes and sells a full lineup of medium truck (OTR) tires for commercial use.

Source Modern Tire Dealer

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