Continental has New On and Off Road Semi Tire


Continental Tire the Americas LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tire group has launched an on/off-road tire for severe service applications. The HDC1 HT is available in the U.S. and Canada markets.

The company says this on/off- road drive tire was developed to deliver un-matched traction and durability in severe service applications such as construction, mining, oil fields and logging.

With Continental’s new generation of truck tires being built on the Conti 3G casing, the company says fleets will gain improved durability, retreadability and traction versus the original HTC1. The tire offers a specialized diamond lug tread design, on/off-road belt package and 32/32-inch tread depth. It is designed specifically for severe conditions that fit the demands of construction applications.

The HDC1 HT is a benchmark for vehicles that require maximum traction, extra sidewall protection, and resistance to stone penetration and chain damage, according to Continental. To make the tire more suitable for off-road environments, the on/off-road belt package has a shoulder to shoulder, full width fourth belt. This increases stiffness and provides more protection from penetrations to improve durability.

The diamond lug tread design combines rotating angles and stone bumpers to maximize stone ejection and is optimal for chaining. Additionally, the full inch deep tread will keep the tire gripping in all conditions.

“We anticipate those who depend on their trucks to operate every day in mud, snow, gravel and off-road conditions will be very interested in our specialized off-road, high traction drive product,” says Alex Chmiel, Continental’s director of marketing for commercial vehicle tires the Americas.

“If a fleet is searching for application specific coverage that meets their driving needs, Continental’s HDC1 HT provides the answer by offering the 11R22.5 and the 11R24.5 heavy drive construction, high traction solution.” The all new HDC1 HT is the 12th tire to be built on the Conti 3G casing. The tire is available now in both sizes.

Source Modern Tire Dealer

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