Some States Considering Higher Taxes on Gas

More and more states are passing laws and considering legislation that would increase taxes on gasoline.

“Since the beginning of the year we anticipated significant savings at the pump for consumers, since most of us are paying nearly $1 less per gallon compared to 2014 fuel prices,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy. “Unfortunately more state politicians consider this an opportunity to increase gas taxes for a long menu of needs, hoping that consumers either won’t know, or won’t mind as much as they might have if retail prices were at year-ago levels.” Iowa, North Carolina and Indiana have all increased their state taxes on gasoline this year, according to GasBuddy.
Several other states are also considering potential tax increases:
On July 1, California’s diesel excise tax will increase by $0.13 a gallon.
Georgia is considering a transportation bill that would increase the combined federal and state gasoline tax by $0.09 per gallon up to $0.53.
In Idaho a transportation bill would increase diesel fuel tax by $0.12 a gallon.
Louisiana is considering proposals that could increase taxes by $0.10 to $0.25 per gallon. Another proposal on the board would allow counties to add a $0.04 tax to the state’s existing $0.20 tax.
A pending bill could increase the existing fuel tax in Missouri by $0.02 a gallon per year for three years.
Montana has a bill that could increase its gasoline tax by $0.05 per gallon.
Nevada is considering a bill that could increase its tax by $0.02 a gallon per year for a decade.
A proposed plan by the governor in South Dakota could increase fuel taxes by $0.02 a gallon every year through 2030.
Wisconsin is considering a proposal to increase diesel and gasoline taxes by $0.05 a gallon.

The Senate has also approved a federal plan to raise taxes by $0.117 per gallon over the next three years. A $0.05 raise starting July 1, $0.042 in 2016 and a $0.025 in 2017, GasBuddy said.

Source Modern Tire Dealer

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