Bridgestone Tire Launches Teens Drive Smart Tour

Bridgestone Americas’ teen driver safety program, Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, will visit 11 cities across the U.S. this year.
“Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, and inexperience is the chief cause of crashes involving teenagers,” said Rachel Wither, communications leader at Bridgestone Americas. “We must do more to bring awareness to this reality. Bridgestone created the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience to give young drivers one-on-one time with professional driving instructors who can teach them how to handle the challenges of the road and help them feel more confident behind the wheel.”

The free program pairs classroom instruction with hands-on driving exercises designed to teach teens potentially life saving skills, Bridgestone said. The curriculum is designed to help teens define and identify distracted driving behaviors, identify dangerous situations caused by these behaviors as well as develop a base understanding of driving principals.

The course will also help teens understand reaction times in emergency braking situations, how to control a vehicle on slippery services and accident avoidance, Bridgestone said.

Dates and cities for the Teen Drive Smart Driving Experience in 2015 are:
Salt Lake City: May 16 – 17
Dallas: June 6 – 7
St. Louis: June 20 – 21
Kansas City: June 27 – 28
Boston: July 18 – 19
Minneapolis: Aug. 8 – 9
Chicago: Aug. 22 – 23
Nashville: Aug. 29 – 30
Charlotte: Sept. 12 – 13
Denver: Sept. 26 – 27
Atlanta: Oct. 17 – 18

Participating teenagers must be between the ages of 15-21 and have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit.

Source Tire Review

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