Get The Facts on Automotive Lifts

Lift design is the first factor with mainly two styles, in ground and above ground. In ground lifts, the lifting mechanism is located below the floor. These lifts were popular 30 years ago but because of difficulty during installing they have become the lesser popular style. The other style is above ground surface mounted lifts which have become the largest segment of the auto lift industry. Then, there is two sub-categories, drive on and frame contact lifts. Drive on lifts come in two and four posts and are just like the name implies you drive the vehicle onto the lift. Frame contact lifts use lifting arms that are matched up with lifting points on the vehicle and then the lifting arms are raised thus the vehicle is raised in the air. The Frame contact lifts are popular because they provide better access to the underside, wheels, brakes and suspension on the vehicle while its raised in the air.

Weight capacity is the next factor to consider. Lifts range in weight capacities from 7,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. You need to know the weight of the vehicles you might be working on and never try to push the lift past its maximum rated weight limit. It’s always safer to be under weight maximum than over. 10,000 lb lifts work for most pickup trucks.

Mounting requirement is another factor to consider. Make sure the concrete in your shop has the right depth and compressive strength to support the lift. Each lift will have different mounting requirements. You also need to make sure you have the height clearance in your shop to be able to lift the vehicle high enough in the air for you to comfortably work underneath it.
YNT lift
Here at YOUR NEXT TIRE we sell 2 and 4 post lifts starting at $1,995 with Free Shipping. Our 9,000 lb 2 post frame contact lift comes with free shipping, free installation kit and free truck adapters for only $1,995. We have 2 post lifts that go up to 15,000 lbs for $3,395. We also carry 4 post drive on lifts starting at $1,995 for 8,000 lb and go up to 16,000 lb for $7,695. All lifts include free shipping, free installation kit and free truck adapters. For questions or to order call us at 1-888-513-8473.

Your Next Tire has all your tire needs weather you need tires for your minivan, backhoe, dump truck, lawn mower, atv, semi truck or Lincoln Navigator.
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