Coats Unveils New Leverless Tire Changer Machine

Hennessy Industries manufacturer of Coats tire changers and wheel balancers added the ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer. The ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer is an advanced version of Coats’ current ProGuard tire changer that is designed to tackle the most advanced applications in the industry.
Additionally, the tire changer comes fully equipped with the following features:
• Pneumatic Wheel Clamping system: It is faster and easier to use than manual systems.
• Dual-Bead Roller System: Coats added a bottom roller to the bead-roller system to increase productivity.
• Semi-Automatic Top Roller Indexing: Allows for faster bead dislodgement without the risk of wheel marring and automatically clears rim flange without prompting or actuation.
• Auxiliary Bead Depressor: An assist tool that locks into the tower assembly to keep the bead in the drop center without coming into contact with the face or spokes.
• Robo-Arm: This assist device is critical for morning run-flat and low-profile tires.
• Built-In Adjustable Wheel Lift: Controlled through a pedal, the wheel lift eliminates the process of manually placing tires and wheels on the pedestal.

Your Next Tire sells Coats Tire Changer Baseline Machines starting at $1,895 with Free Shipping.
We have several warehouses full of tires and ship all over the USA daily. Give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 and check out our website

Source Tire Review

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