European Customers Less Concerned with Mileage Ratings

Apollo Vredestein B.V. recently chose Scotland as the place to hold its “Global Tyre Introduction.” The main reason was the launch of its Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-weather tire.
Here’s the main tie-in: Scottish weather seems to be ever-changing. It is not uncommon to experience “four seasons in one day,” ergo, the all-season tire connection.
Here’s another reason: European drivers are more concerned with performance than they are with tread wear. The Quatrac 5 is the best Vredestein all-weather tire ever. It even features the Mountain Snowflake symbol for winter driving.
It does not come with a tread wear warranty, however. Will it last long enough that European drivers will be happy? Yes. Will it last long enough to satisfy American drivers? Maybe. It depends on what they want out of the tire.

In Europe, tread wear is not a prime feature for all-season tires. They have not been around the continent for nearly as long as they have in the United States — more than 30 years and counting.

European tire labeling laws don’t even include tread wear in their requirements. As a result, European tire manufacturers don’t have to make as many compromises in performance characteristics versus tread wear when building an all-season tire for the European market.

The assumption, of course, is that with manufacturing prowess being equal, an all-season tire without a tread wear warranty would perform better in some areas than an all-season tire with a high mileage warranty.

For comparision purporses, let’s look at a similar tier tire, like the Nokian WR G3. It is Nokian Tyres Inc.’s latest all-season tire, and it is designed for the U.S. and Canadian markets. It is backed by a 55,000 limited tread wear warranty. Will it last long enough to satisfy American drivers? Yes, but it is specifically designed for our market.

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