Buckshot Wide Mudder Tires are Back in Stock!

The Buckshot Wide Mudder Tire is back in stock.
If you are looking for a true mud tire, look no further! These have the deepest tread of any mud tire you can find, 30/32 tread depth.
1 gripspur
NEW 1st line Buckshot Wide Mudder P78-16 Tire in size 33×10.50-16 for Sale $199 which replaces 7.50×16, 235/85R16 and 255/85R16. The tire is Load Range C (6 Ply) for Light Trucks.

There is only one size available in 16 inch and one size in 15 inch N78-15 which is 31 inches tall. This is it we DO NOT have larger sizes.

The tires do have a DOT code so they are legal to run on the street. These tires were always intended for off road use and never meant to be a touring tire. If you want a tire to cruise up and down the road with that gets good mileage and are quiet, please buy an all season radial. Because of the 30/32 tread depth the tire may not balance perfectly. No warranty for ride, tread wear, or chopping. But if you are looking for the best mudding tire for your money than these are the tires! They are the perfect tire for rock climbing, mud bogging, off road Jeep adventure trails and chore pickups.
3 MudTiresBlem_New
When tires are shipped, we tightly tape, or use a strapping machine to band the tires to get the best shipping price possible for our customers. When our tires are un-banded, the radial tires will regain their form immediately, but bias tires such as the Light truck, ATV and mower tires will take longer to regain their shape. They may need to be stretched with a tube, spread with a few boards between the beads or sat in a warm area before mounting.
6 Jeep with Mud Blems2
We buy tires by the semi load to save YOU money. We have over 30 years experience and several warehouses full of tires. If you don’t see the quantity, size or brand you are needing give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 or check out our website http://www.yournexttire.com

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