Learn About Tires with Eric The Car Guy Video

What is the most important part on your vehicle? TIRES! without them you wouldn’t be able to go down the road and when in proper working condition help keep you safe on the road.
This video from Eric The Car Guy is a basics 101 on tires including: Where to find what size tires go on your vehicle, how to read the sidewall of a tire and how to read the DOT code.

Your Next Tire thinks it good for everyone to understand the basics of tires and this will help you when you are going to make your next tire purchase. If you have questions with your tires give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 and our staff with over 30 years experience will help you. We have thousands of tires in our warehouses and ship tires all over the United States daily.

Source Eric The Car Guy

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