Pirelli Develops Custom P-Zero Tires for Alfa Romeo 4C

Pirelli has launched two fitments for the Alfa Romeo 4C with a custom design to match the unique needs of the car.
Alfa Romeo 4c
“The 4C is a very light and fast car, which produces low levels of downforce and requires optimal contact with the road surface. In order to design the best tires possible to meet the requirements of this car model, we studied the contact patch in the simulator carefully and then tested on demanding circuits in real life,” said Maurizio Boiocchi, Pirelli’s chief technical officer. “From that we were able to come up with the perfect compound and structure, particularly in the area around the belt. The ‘AR’ P Zero tires are synonymous with grip, performance, dynamism and driving precision.”

The tires, featuring “AR” on the sidewalls to symbolize their creation for the Alfa Romeo, are 17 inches on the front and 18 inches on the back or 18 inches on the front and 19 inches on the back. The tires will offer the best road handling even in low downforce, the tiremaker said.

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Source Tire Review

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