Reasons Why Trailer ST Tires Fail

The most common cause of trailer tire problems is under-inflation. It is estimated that a trailer tire that is 20 percent under-inflated will cut 25 percent off its lifespan; one 30 percent under-inflated will reduce its term by 55 percent. Under-inflated tires also affect fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent due to added drag.
More important, under-inflation puts undue stress on the tire, producing irregular wear at best. At worst, under-inflation causes complete failure that can result in an accident. Abnormal tire flexing occurs when a tire doesn’t have enough air, which can generate an excessive amount of heat will exceed the tire’s capabilities and cause the tire plies to separate or result in a blowout.

Another major cause of tire failure is overloading. That is why it is important to know weight of the actual load being towed. That includes all the toys, gas, gear, water the whole shebang! An over-loaded tire will produce large amounts of heat, which can cause tire degradation or blowout.

Trailer Tire
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