Falken Launches Two New Ohtsu Tires

Falken Tire Corp. has released two new tires for the Ohtsu tire brand, the FP8000 and ST5000.
Othsu, an associate brand of Falken Tire, has grown to become a full line brand in the last few months, according to the company. There are now four Ohtsu tire lines available covering HP, UHP, SUV and LT fitments:
New Falken Blog
1. The FP8000 (pictured above) is a UHP summer performance tire featuring an aggressive directional tread design perfect for sedans and coupes alike. Sizes range from 19”-22” with W speed ratings.

2. The ST5000 is a M+S all season SUV and light truck performance tire available in many of today’s popular inch up applications. It is produced in 15”-26” and covers H, S, T and Q speed ratings.

3. The FP7000 is an all season HP/UHP touring tire designed for year-round performance and value. Sizes range from 14”-18” in H, V and W speed ratings.

4. The AT4000 is an all season all terrain tire durable for daily service on highways, back roads, or no roads. It is available in 15”-20” with speed ratings of S, Q and T.

“We recognize the trends of today’s market and understand the need of an associate brand,” says Rick Brennan, executive director of product strategy. “The Ohtsu brand will be positioned to attract the growing number of value-minded consumers.”

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