Yokohama revamps iPad app for truck tires

Yokohama Tire Corp. has released version 1.3 of its iPad app for the truck tire industry, the Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator. It is available on iTunes for free download by clicking here.

The Yokohama Commercial Tire Navigator is designed to help fleet owners and truck operators learn which Yokohama tires are best for various applications and road conditions. It also contains tools to aid with maintaining optimum tire pressure and maximizing fuel savings.

Updates and features of the new v1.3 version include YTC’s Inflation Pressure Calculator, Fuel Savings Calculator, a tire maintenance tool that recommends appropriate tire inflation levels to prevent tire damage and tire wear. Information and 360-degree tire photography on the new ultra wide-base drive tire and most of the Yokohama tire line.

Here at Your Next Tire we understand the changing needs of customers and think this is a great tool for everyone to understand the importance of proper tire inflation not only for maximizing tire life but also safety.

Source MTD

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