Ferrari reveals Pirelli’s aftermarket strategy in the U.S.

Pirelli is making a big push to increase its market share in the United States. That’s the message Chairman and CEO Paulo Ferrari emphasized directly and indirectly at the recent Pirelli P Zero Nero GT launch in Akron, Ohio.

How will Pirelli do that? Directly by catering to vehicle manufacturers and tire dealers. Indirectly by supplying both groups with the tires they need to succeed.

1. Focusing on “premium” products is the foundation of Pirelli’s strategy. Pirelli defines premium as more than just high speed ratings. It also includes sizes 17-inch and above.

2. OE tires are no longer a loss leader, and, although not as profitable as the replacement market, profitability is “good.” Ferrari says Pirelli owns 25% market share in premium OE fitments globally.

Brands like Porsche, BMW and Mercedes are a good fit because they, like Pirelli, are premium products. Also, their companies “understand the value of technology.” The company also supplies tires for the most popular vehicle in North America: the Ford F-150.

3. Pirelli is growing significantly with premium dealers like Discount Tire Co. Inc., Dealer Tire LLC, The Tire Rack and Your Next Tire.

Pirelli Tire North America’s corporate mantra says it all:
“We change the driving experience by constantly challenging the boundaries of tire technology, style and sustainability, setting trends in communities around the world.”

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