What capacity Lift do I need?

This is a simple question when using the lift for storage. If you are using the lift for storage then you know the weight of the vehicle you ar lifting. You can simply choose the lift that has enough capacity. If you are using the lift in a commercial application and you intend to lift various makes and models, then the answer becomes a little more complicated. Simply picking a capacity and assuming it will lift any vehicle that has a weight of less than the capacity is not the right way to make your choice. You should choose a capacity that is at least 25-30% higher than the heaviest vehicle you intend to lift. Please note that our lifts are intended for road personal transport vehicles only. Our lifts are not designed for lifting forklifts, boom lifts, tractors, trailers, boats, RV’s, or any other industrial equipment. Do not use our lifts as human elevators.

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