How Does A Computer Balancer Work?

This is the kind of tire balancing machine most commonly found in use these days. The tire and wheel combination is placed on the balancer using a set of cups to center the hub and a locking handle. A technician enters the rim width and diameter and the offset from the side of the machine and pushes the start button. The machine spins the tire up to operating speeds which are usually around 60 MPH. The shaft that the tire sits on is calibrated and runs into the balancer. A computer inside the machine detects the deflection and location of any unbalanced condition in the tire and displays the results on an LED display with lights that move vertically to indicate where the weights are to be placed. The amount of weight required is displayed digitally. Once the weights are applied, the technician spins the wheel one more time to ensure proper weight placement.

One product we carry is a computer wheel balancer. These machines are perfect for everyday use as well as use in a shop where you balance numerous tires everyday. Our machines come with an 18 month parts on hand warranty. To purchase a balancer, call us toll-free at 888-513-TIRE(8473). We would love to help you with any information you need on the machines we carry.

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