Benefits of our 211CIT machine

Our 211CIT machine is the perfect machine for any shop where changing tires is a priority. Having a machine is convenient and helps make the process of changing tires quick. With our machine, you can change virtually any car or truck tire you will come across. The bead breaker is strong enough to help with semi, skid loader, and most implement tires as well. We pride ourselves with selling a high quality machine that will be around for years. For a full overview of the 211CIT machine, check out the manufacturers page and find out all the benefits of our machine.

To talk to one of our salesmen, please call us toll-free at 888-513-TIRE(8473). We can help you with any equipment help you may need, as well as help with tires. Also feel free to ask about our balancers, hoists, and tire machine accessories.

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