A Fast Alignment Machine Takes 58 Seconds

With an estimated 60% of vehicles on the road in need of an alignment, Hunter Engineering says its Quick Check system help shops quickly identify these vehicles and drive more traffic to the alignment bay.

Quick Check captures toe and camber measurements and produces printed results in under a minute. Service writers can then use the easy-to-understand, color-coded printouts to alert customers of misalignment issues and generate more repair orders for alignment service.

To perform the check, a technician simply positions the vehicle in front of the system, then mounts the targets. Then the vehicle is rolled forward to compensate the sensors and capture the measurements. Next, the tech scans the VIN with a bar code reader to recall the OEM specifications built in to the system. Results print automatically at the console to be presented to the customer.

Quick Check systems use QuickGrip adaptors that install in seconds, a VIN bar code reader that comes standard, specialized Quick Check software, and the same high-resolution digital camera technology included with Hunter’s HawkEye Elite alignment systems.

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