Omni United Researches the Carbon Footprint of Tiremaking

Omni United announced it has hired Ernst & Young to assess the greenhouse gas impact of its products and to advise the tiremaker on implementing initiatives to reduce and/or offset its carbon footprint.
“We have chosen Ernst & Young to conduct this study as it is one of the leading global consulting firms specializing in climate change and sustainability services,” said G.S. Sareen, CEO of Omni United. “This study is significant for Omni United as it sets our company on track towards a sustainable future as an environmentally and socially responsible global tire company.”
According to the tiremaker, the initial scope of the aims to quantify greenhouse gas emissions generated by Omni’s key business activities, identifying the areas where emissions can be reduced and the options available to the company to offset its carbon footprint across the whole supply-distribution chain. A report from the three-month initial study is due to be released in last quarter of 2012. Following this study, Omni United said it plans to “actively engage all dimensions of its business in building sustainable business practices.”
“Our aim is to become the first tire company to have all of our products recycled at the end of their lifespan,” Sareen said. The tiremaker added it aims to become a “carbon-neutral” company.
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