Nitto, Cooper and Firestone score well with police

The Michigan State Police’s precision driving unit has released the results of an  intensive battery of tests measuring the ability of aftermarket tires to meet  the often-punishing demands of law enforcement driving.

Troopers in the unit tested six tire brands — Cooper, Firestone, Goodyear,  Nitto, Nokian and Pirelli — on various law enforcement vehicles to rate the  durability of aftermarket tires for agencies. During two weeks of testing in  June, tires were studied in three major areas: braking, endurance and  steady-state turning.

In addition to the four individual tests, troopers also measured tire wear  after two 50-lap runs. Tires were run counterclockwise for 50 laps and  clockwise for another 50 laps. The percentage of wear for each tire was then  then measured.

The police tested the following tires:

* Goodyear Eagle RS-A on the Dodge  Charger, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI), Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Impala and  Chevrolet Tahoe;

* Firestone Firehawk GT Pursuit on the Charger, CVPI  and Tahoe;

* Cooper CS4 on the CVPI, Impala and Charger;

* Nokian WR  G2 on the Caprice and Impala;

* Nitto NT 850 Plus on the Caprice, Impala and CVPI; and

* Pirelli P Zero Nero on the CVPI and Pirelli P6 tire on the  Impala.

Tire evaluators purchased the tires from a retail store to ensure each tire  was an actual production version.

The results? On the Caprice, Nitto performed best in the wet and dry test, while Nokian performed best in the braking and turning test.

On the Charger, the Cooper performed best in all three tests combined, but was too worn to be tested  in the “worn” tests. Goodyear came out on top in the dry test, while Firestone was first in the wet test. When braking  during a turn for the worn tires, Goodyear came in first.

On the Tahoe, Firestone performed better in three out of the four “new tire” tests,  but was too worn to be tested against the Goodyear tire in the “worn” tests.

On the Impala, Cooper had the best performance in the four “new tire” tests. On the CVPI, Cooper performed best in two  of the four tests but came in fourth in the braking-during-a-turn test, and  third in the lateral acceleration test, while Nitto performed best in three of the four  “worn” tire tests.


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