Run-Flat Tires

1. Features of Run-flat Tires

(1) Run-flat tires have three major advantages:
・Improved driving stability should the tire experience air loss
・Greater peace of mind. Should air loss occur, there is no need to change tires in dangerous places, such as busy highways or at night
・Continued mobility should a puncture damage the tire tread and sidewalls
(2) Eliminating spare tires from vehicles globally would help save resources by reducing approximately 59 millionspare tires annually. Furthermore, CO2 emissions over the spare tire lifecycle-from raw material procurement to disposal-could be lowered by approximately 2 millions tons of CO2 per year. Additional CO2 emissions can be further reduced by the elimination of the wheels used for the spare tires.

2. Evolution of Run-flat Tires

The mainstay of run-flat tire design includes a reinforced sidewall. When tire companies began mass production of run-flat tires in 1987, the ride quality was considered “hard” compared to conventional tires because the sidewalls were thick and somewhat inflexible. Since 2005, however, improvements have been made to sidewall reinforced rubber that enhanced riding comfort. ‘Heat control technology,’ developed and commercialized in 2009, has helped make the ride even smoother.
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