Casing Shortages

Truck and OTR tire casings are in short supply, particularly out of Japan. That was the case even before an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country in March. Now, it’s just worse.

“Truck casings will continue to be in short supply,” says Mike Berra, president of Community Tire Co. in St. Louis, Mo. In particular, size 11R22.5 casings are “next to impossible to get in any quantity.”

One retreader in the Midwest estimates 11R22.5 casing prices rose more than 18% the first three months of this year. Size 295/75R22.5 casing prices were up more than 21% over that same span.

Both new OTR tires and used OTR casings also are in demand, and not just the large or giant sizes, says Berra. “I’m talking 29.5’s, sizes that are mainstream.”

And it’s a global problem. “Domestically, what we make is what we get.”

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  1. Super informative wrtinig; keep it up.

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