How to Stud A Tire

Studding a car tire for winter roads isn’t a difficult job, but it can be grueling. You need the proper equipment to perform the task, including the correct-sized studs for the tires you have. Most “studdable” tires are labeled on the sidewall or the sticker to indicate what size stud they call for. Once you have everything you need, get ready for some sore arms and hands for a couple of days, but nothing beats a studded tire on winter roads.

  1. Spray a small amount of lubricant in all of the stud holes in each tire you’re studding. Do not overspray.
  2. Load the stud gun by separating the top of the basket loader and filling it with studs. Keep your finger over the center hole, and place the gun onto the basket while holding the basket horizontally. Flip the gun over, holding the basket in place, and lock the basket with the metal wire. Turn the basket to load the studs into the chamber of the gun. In most cases, you can fit about 15 to 18 studs in the chamber, and then you’ll have to reload by turning the basket again.
  3. Place one tire onto the tire stand. In the event you do not have a tire stand, mounting and inflating the tires is another good way to install studs into the tire. Trying to stud a flat, unmounted tire without a tire stand is very challenging.
  4. Press the head of the stud gun into the stud hole and pull the trigger. The gun has a triplicate head device that opens the stud hole in the tire by stretching it apart and inserts the stud. You want the carbide tip of the stud to be flush and straight with the tread of the tire. For any misfires or angled studs, remove the stud with the dikes and try again.
  5. Stud the entire tire all the way around, and don’t miss any stud holes. You will have to fill the basket up a few times depending on how many tires you’re studding. Keep going until all the tires are studded properly.

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Source: eHow

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