Proper Loading

Do not overload your tires. Driving on any overloaded tire is dangerous.

The maximum load rating of your tires is marked on the tire sidewall. Do not exceed these ratings. Tires which are loaded beyond their maximum allowable loads for the particular application will build up excessive heat that may result in sudden tire destruction.

Do not exceed the gross axle weight ratings for any axle on your vehicle. Consult the vehicle placard and/or vehicle owners manual to determine the gross axle weight rating. Following the loading instructions of the vehicle manufacturer should insure that your tires are not overloaded.

If you are replacing the original size tires with tires of a different size, the replacement tires must have a load carrying capacity equal to or greater than the original equipment tires.

Towing a trailer: If you anticipate towing a trailer, you should see your tire dealer for advice concerning the correct size of tire and inflation pressures. Tire size and air pressure depend upon the type and size of trailer and hitch utilized, but never exceed the maximum cold inflation pressure or the maximum tire load rating. The only sure way to prevent overload is to weigh, axle by axle, the fully-loaded vehicle on a reliable platform scale. Check the tire placard on the vehicle and the owners manual supplied by the manufacturer of your vehicle for further recommendations on trailer towing.

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Source: Cooper Tires

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