Maxxis Creepy Crawler

The Creepy Crawler is an aggressive, rugged, durable  bias ply tire designed for extreme conditions.  Maxxis has taken the knowledge of 30 years experience and put it into what makes up the M-8090.  A picture just doesn’t do this tire justice.  See this tire up close and you know it is a rock-climbing beast.  The aggressive tread pattern of the Creepy Crawler is made up of massive horizontally siped, stepped lugs separated by deep self-cleaning voids.  The staggered groove patterns and shoulder lugs maximize lateral traction.  Maxxis specially designed a compound for this tire that is soft and flexible yet resists gouging while remaining strong.  All this translates into excellent worry free grip in extreme rock crawling.  One of the more immediately impressive qualities of the Creepy Crawler is the wrap around tread design that creates excellent armored protection to the sidewall and additional bite in deep mud… not to mention an extremely aggressive appearance. While the Creepy Crawler is street legal, it does present a higher level of road noise and due to its bias ply construction, is not the best handling tire of daily driving.  The Creepy Crawler is also available in a competition version in 2 popular sizes.  The competition model, while DOT approved, is not recommended for street use.  Ply rating available in 6 or 8 model dependant with the Competition version in 8 ply.

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