Yokohama educates consumers about tire inflation

Last week in this blog, I asked for ideas about how the industry can more effectively educate consumers about tire pressure maintenance. Days later, Yokohama Tire Corp. posted an educational video on YouTube.

Obviously, the video has been in the works for a while — certainly long before my recent “call to action.” I urge you to check it out here.

The video, which features off-road racing champ Cameron Steele, is the first in a series that will cover subjects like achieving better fuel efficiency, reading the information on a tire’s sidewall, and more. (It also nicely dovetails into the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s National Tire Safety Week, which runs through June 13.)

“Consumer awareness and education regarding tires is vital,” says Fred Koplin, director, marketing communications, for Yokohama.

“We designed these short, entertaining videos to help consumers understand just how important tires are, especially since tires are the only part of the vehicle to touch the road.”

Kudos to Yokohama for financing and filming these videos. Let’s hope consumers watch them and take the information contained therein to heart.

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Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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