Mickey Thompson MTZ

When you look across the board at the major manufacturers of Mud Terrain tires, Mickey Thompson, who is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, is one of the serious contenders for top rated Mud Terrain tires developed for serious offroad conditions.  With their development of the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ, they have once again proved that they can produce an offroad tire that is designed to meet or exceed the expectations of those who may push their equipment to the extremes. 

There are many key elements that make up a good offroad tire and the closer we look at the Baja MTZ and talk to those who use the tire in some pretty harsh conditions, the more we like the MTZ.  Here are a few of the key element that we think make this tire one to consider.  First, we like radial tires.  Mainly because a lot of us, are going to put one set of tires on our vehicle and drive it hard on weekends, then commute to job on Monday.  With the cost of tires these days, it makes economical sense to buy one set that will work for both worlds, off-road wheeling and on-road driving.  Additionally it’s just nice to have an impressive set of tires on your vehicle that handle well on the road, and generally a radial type tire does that. 

Mickey Thompson advanced on the typical radial design construction and made improvements for better wear and a smooth ride which is important for daily commuting.  Tread design incorporates several traction adding features such as a multi-stage lug pattern and sipes across lugs.  The multi pattern lugs help to break up highway driving frequencies for a quieter ride, while the sipes across the lugs improve traction on slick roads and snow as well as improving traction in mud and snow.  All lugs have a decent amount of void area between the lugs for added bit and traction in mud & snow while improving the ability to self clean.  The outer lugs extend down around the sidewalls for increased traction in deep mud with the aid of a patented sideway lug design called Sidebiters® which add traction in deep mud and increase protection against abrasion on the rocks.   When aired down to the low teens or high single digits, the MTZ flexes well and the sidewall lugs come into play.  3-Ply Sidewall and 6-Ply Tread offers plenty of protection and Resistance to punctures. 

While this is not the most aggressive MT tire on the market, it is an aggressive Mud Terrain radial constructed with 3-ply sidewalls and 6-ply tread making this tire as tough as they come. Self-cleaning high-void lugs and enhanced Sidebiters® give this tire exceptional traction in mud and snow.  It is an excellent choice for those who need an offroad Mud Tire that works well on the street with little compromise offroad.  Fellow 4 wheelers we have talked to who run the MTZ all say they are happy with this tire and are impressed with the traction and offroad performance as well as the drive home.  There is a decent selection of sizes to choose from however the cost per tire is on the expensive side when compared to tires of the same caliber.

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