N.Y. Senate passes lead wheel weight ban

The New York State Senate, by a 35-26 margin, passed a bill banning the use of lead wheel weights last night. The bill, A8687-B, originally was introduced by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal.

New York’s legislature is made up of two chambers: the Assembly and the Senate. The bill first passed the Assembly last week, ultimately by a 112-28 margin. The bill will be sent to Governor David Paterson for his signature within the next 10 legislative days. Even if the current legislative session is concluded before he signs the bill into law, it won’t affect the April 1, 2011, effective date of the bill.

“Far too much toxic lead enters our environment from wheel weights that fall off and leach into our soil and water supply,” says Rosenthal. “I am gratified to have successfully led the charge to phase out lead wheel weights and assist businesses that have already taken the responsible step of switching to steel versions of this product.

“The EPA may take action on this issue at some point, but New York’s large market share ensures that this decision will reverberate nationwide.”

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Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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