Michelin helps Yellowstone reduce emissions

 Michelin tires are helping Yellowstone National Park vehicles save on gas, which will help the park achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goal of 30% by the year 2016.

“Since Michelin became the official tire of the Yellowstone Park Foundation in 2009, the park’s fleet managers have reported fuel savings on the first seven vehicles of as much as 20% compared to the previous tires,” says Don Baldwin, product category manager for Michelin North America Inc. 

“This translates into emissions savings of more than four tons of carbon dioxide each year per truck. In addition, Michelin tires are lasting twice as long as (the park’s) previous tires, further reducing environmental impact.” 

Michelin officials also are working with the park’s fleet managers to optimize tire performance. “These trucks operate in extreme conditions all year round,” says Baldwin.

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 Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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