Cooper Discoverer S/T

The Discoverer S/T is Cooper’s premium all-purpose SUV/light truck traction tire that is a hybrid of three designs — all-terrain, high void and commercial traction. The Discoverer S/T fits a wide range of SUVs and light trucks up to 1 ton, but it is especially suitable for high-powered, high-torque light trucks where optimum wear and traction are required.

Fights irregular wear and improves self-cleaning capabilities.

Maximizes traction in soft surfaces.

Designed for off-road applications while providing long, even wear in highway applications.

The H/T has stronger steel belts which means less tread squirm and longer life. Cooper H/T belts are up to 27.5% stronger than most original tyres.The lateral tread grooves are 67% deeper compared to most original equipment tyres.  That is possible because the H/T has wider and stronger belts inside!The H/T has all the qualities of a passenger tyre including variable tread block pitch, which reduces noise on the road.  The solid rib centre & close pitch shoulder rib improves steering response while also reducing noise, this means it will handle better than most other tyres.Cooper has a multi-layered steel cord belt and an extra rubber layer fitted between the belts to absorb more impact and reduce damage.  Straight Sidewall design also deflects objects and reduces damage.

Check out our inventory of  Cooper Discoverer S/T in our Online Store. For any questions you may have E-mail us or call us toll-free at 1-888-513-TIRE(8473).


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