Dick Cepek Mud Country


  • This tire has a 3-ply sidewall and full 6 ply tread area
  • The extra wide footprint provides better traction and even wear
  • Stepped tread is the ultimate for self-cleaning performance

Superior self cleaning design provides extreme traction in mud, snow, slush and sand. Sipped tread aids traction in rain and ice. Has a puncture-resistant tread and sidewall design. Radial construction yields excellent handling and ride on the highway.

The Mud Country is Dick Cepek’s Off-Road Maximum Traction light truck tire developed for enthusiastic pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for tough radials in large sizes. It is designed to combine on-road handling with off-road traction.

Mud Country radial tires are cured in precision laser cut segmented molds to optimize tire uniformity and feature an 18/32″ to 23/32″-deep (depending on size) symmetric tread design that combines shoulder lugs (which alternate being stepped in and out) with independent center lugs for off-road traction. Stepped tread blocks increase self-cleaning characteristics and siped tread lugs provide better grip on smooth surfaces. Dick Cepek’s trademark “DC” Sidebiters molded onto the upper sidewalls provide added protection and more traction in loose surfaces. The Mud Country radial’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of three-ply polyester sidewalls for a full six plies of reinforcement under the tread for strength and toughness on- and off-road.

While Off-Road Maximum Traction tires are branded with the M+S symbol and able to churn through deep snow, their typical oversize applications and limited use of snow-biting sipes in their large smooth lugs can challenge their on-road wintertime traction on packed snow and icy surfaces

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