Michelin X-Traction

Michelin North America Inc. will introduce its new Michelin X-Traction OTR tire to the North American market on July 1.

The tire is designed for 100-ton mining trucks operating on rocky terrain. It will be available initially in size 27.00R49, with another size, 24.00R25, available this September. Two more sizes, 21.00R33 and 18.00R33, will roll out next year.

The X-Traction contains two new Michelin technologies: Cooling System shoulder design and C2 Technology casing architecture. Both technologies reduce heat build-up, enabling trucks to operate at higher speeds. The tire also contains thicker tread rubber for improved resistance to cuts and impacts.

“We’re constantly monitoring the North American market’s tire needs in order to provide the industry with the best possible tire performance for the application,” says Roger Lucas, vice president of sales and marketing, Michelin Earthmover Tires.

“Expanding the X-Traction tire offering into North America and with additional sizes is a prime example of this commitment.”

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Source:Modern Tire Dealer 

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